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The best £1.22 you’ll spend today

In copywriting, scriptwriting, writing on January 17, 2010 at 2:33 pm

I really wish I’d thought of this.

It’s the SarcMark™ – the hot new punctuation mark. You can download it for just $1.99 and then, when you want to say something sarcastic, you slap it on the end of your sentence. It’s simple, elegant, and solves a real problem we face every day.

There are plenty of signs that this is going to be the @ of the 21st century:

There is no way that you can be clearly sarcastic in written English without it. It just can’t happen.

A trademarked punctuation mark that you have to buy is definitely going to catch on. Most people are going to be more than happy to invest a couple of dollars in this.

People can’t get enough punctuation marks. They love them. If the SarcMark™ people can get the public to use their symbol as well as they’re currently using the apostrophe, they’re onto a winner.

Never hire a freelance copywriter or professional scriptwriter who is not 110% committed to the SarcMark™. I know I am.


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