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The project:
The merger of Worcester-based architects Panton Sargent with engineering consultants Mansfield Ravenhall meant more than a new name. The practice would embrace the idea of collaborative design, where architects, engineers, designers and landscapers worked in an integrated fashion. The brand team at marketing agency The Edge created an identity for the company to help support and define this new way of working, and asked me to explain the philosophy of One Creative Environments in a sympathetic tone of voice.

The copy:

    One Vision

    We are One.

Architects, designers, engineers, surveyors and technicians working together to build creative environments that function, sustain and inspire.

We make our buildings the best they can be. To be treasured by their users and give pleasure to the communities they serve.

If we have a philosophy, it’s pretty simple: collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. We’re one team from conception to completion, examining all aspects of a build from every angle at every stage. So concepts are never compromised by technology, and practicalities aren’t abandoned to chase creative whims.

As people, we’re a rich mix of talents and temperaments. None of us can be experts in everything. So we choose to pool our expertise, skills and resources to see the bigger picture. To consider detail and landscape, inside and outside, colour and construction as one.

And all to get closer to our goal with every project – creating buildings that beat your hopes, needs and dreams. One vision.

    Thinking As One

The wisest thing we’ve learned in our years in construction – the closer we work together, the better the buildings we make.

For us, a building must have three qualities – it has to function effortlessly well, be as sustainable as possible through its lifecycle and provide real delight. That doesn’t have to mean shrieking, jumping, hand-clapping delight. More often it’s the slow-cooked kind that lifts your spirits time and again.

But we never get there through blind luck, or by waiting for inspiration to strike. It’s only by bringing together a wide range of disciplines and talents that we work our way towards a successful outcome. So we’ve integrated all aspects of modern construction in one practice. Architects, engineers, designers, surveyors, technicians, sharing a breadth of opinions, knowledge and influences that feed into each other, spark ideas, and create solutions.

Working in close collaboration stops a creative thought come crashing to the ground at an engineering obstacle. It helps us anticipate setbacks so they never materialise. We can consider possibilities beyond the obvious, and find the best way through difficulties. It’s the best kind of joined-up thinking – getting the most from every opportunity and finding imaginative solutions to everyday problems.

    Working As One

Making buildings together is a great way to work. Stimulating. Creative. Challenging. It’s never dull.

But unless you choose your architect based on who has the most fun in the office, you’ll want to be sure that an integrated practice is the best way to deliver the building you need.

So, imagine.

Collaboration means you don’t have to explain everything once to the surveyors department and then again to the engineers. It means the choices you agreed with the interior designers aren’t frustrated by something the architect forgot to mention. Best of all, there’s nothing in the way between the picture in your head of your finished project, and the people that can help you realise it.

So it’s easier to communicate. You talking to us. Us talking to you. Challenging you. Keeping in mind your hopes and your needs, where you’ve come from and where you want to go. We’ll take ideas from everywhere – from the site, an engineering solution, a colour, the trees in the horizon. And from you.

Sounds creative? Challenging? Stimulating? You’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t work this way.

    The One Way

We’re not ashamed to say we have big ideas.

Creating buildings is one of the most exhilarating and testing things humans do. It’s no surprise we get excited by it.

But we do more than talk the talk. We’ve put our ideas to the test, time after time, making buildings that surprise and delight. Buildings that work, and are valued. Buildings that make a difference to the lives of the people who use them.

Sometimes they grab the attention. Sometimes they blend into the surroundings. But always they’re matched to the specific and practical needs and aspirations of our clients, building users and local communities.

Our expertise and experience covers a wide variety of sectors including education, commercial, industrial, rail transport and retail. We’re also specialists in design for healthcare, which includes hospice, elderly, extra, special and primary. And our skills and our philosophy translate into every field, region or budget.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, working together as one. Now, what can we achieve for you?

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