Creative Scriptwriting and Copywriting

My work

Whilst I work on the full CV for these pages, here are a few projects that have appeared online.

For BBC2, I wrote Susanne – a five part educational teenage drama series for students learning German.

I scripted episodes of the BAFTA-nominated children’s TV drama Hero To Zero.

As a writer and a parent, it is compulsory to have to have weekly column with which to ensure the future alienation and distrust of your children. Mine ran for two years in the Times Educational Supplement .

I’ve written a slew of comic books scripts (I even drew a few) for Marvel, Dark Horse (Aliens:Crusade), Sonic the Comic, Sweet FA (an often repellent football comic – not my bits), Trident, Crisis and 2000AD. This guy remembers . Thanks.

Michael Cook is quite a common name. For the record, I am not the late Canadian playwright, the renowned Islamic scholar, or – despite the dozens of emails that ping regularly into my Inbox – an architectural practice in Worthing.

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